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Microsoft Licensing Audit Readiness and Audit Defence: a survival guide [Training 6/8]

Microsoft Audit Readiness measures and Audit Defence: a survival guide
► Reacting to an audit letter
► Can Microsoft audit you?
► What are the penalties?
► How are the penalties calculated?
► Addressing legal and confidentiality issues
► Clarifying the audit scope
► Building your team
► Collecting the data
► Verifying the report
► Pushing back
► Going to the negotiation room with Microsoft
► To pay or not to pay the penalties?


► Microsoft Audit Guide:
► What is CSP:
► Microsoft Agreements:

We cover core licensing principles, common mistakes, contracts, renewals, negotiations, and audits.

The core aim of this course is to explain the principles of Microsoft Licensing, to give you a foundation, a playbook of Microsoft License Management, after which you'll be able to comfortably navigate one of the most complex licensing models and progress in a career of a License Manager, Vendor Manager, Procurement Specialist.