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Pricing Research and Pricing Metrics

The problems we solve:

  • Overpaying for Microsoft licenses and services.

  • Lack of pricing data to strengthen your negotiations.

  • Confusion over Microsoft's complex pricing models (EA, CSP, etc.).

  • Difficulty evaluating proposals and contracts without benchmarks.

  • Missing out on potential savings due to market blindspots.

Here's how we can help:

  • Provide price benchmarks and reviews to optimise your Microsoft pricing.

  • Analyse complex new-generation agreements to simplify your licensing choices.

  • Deliver insights into proposals and contracts for confident decision-making.

  • Empower you with pricing analytics for data-driven strategies.

  • Provide price benchmarking catalogues for industry comparisons.

  • Conduct strategic reviews to uncover optimisation opportunities.

  • Leverage our expertise in service provider pursuits for stronger negotiations.

How we work

SAMexpert's Pricing Research and Pricing Metrics services combine rigorous research, up-to-date data, and deep expertise in Microsoft pricing. This ensures you have the knowledge to make the best possible pricing decisions.

Our Research Methodology:

  • Comprehensive Data: We gather pricing information from a wide range of sources.

  • Frequent Updates: We regularly refresh our data to provide the most relevant insights.

  • Expert Analysis: We meticulously analyse pricing trends and contracts to uncover optimisation opportunities.

Tailored Insights:

  • Industry-Specific Benchmarks: We tailor strategies to your business niche for a competitive advantage.

  • Geographical Relevance: We factor in regional pricing variations for accurate recommendations.

  • Solutions for Your Scale: We understand company size matters and offer solutions that fit your needs.

Strategic Engagement Review (SER):

Our Strategic Engagement Review (SER) analyses your Microsoft agreements in detail. We examine your deal structure, performance metrics, contract terms, and more, empowering you to make informed decisions for long-term success.

{Rigorous research, up-to-date data, and deep expertise


Understand Your Landscape

  • Initial data gathering
  • Review of current agreements
  • Identification of key stakeholders


Compare Against Market Standards

  • Analysis of pricing data
  • Identification of industry-specific benchmarks
  • Evaluation of performance metrics


Optimisation Potential

  • Comparison of current state vs. benchmarks
  • Identification of potential cost savings
  • Assessment of risks and opportunities


Actionable Strategies for Success

  • Development of negotiation tactics
  • Recommendations for contract optimisation
  • Roadmap for improved outcomes

SAMexpert's expertise and uniqueness

  • Industry-Specific Insights: We understand pricing nuances across different sectors, ensuring strategies tailored to your niche.

  • Global Perspective: We factor in geographical pricing differences for accurate, localised recommendations.

  • Solutions for Medium to Enterprise-Scale Businesses: We specialise in pricing strategies tailored to the needs of medium, large, and extremely large businesses.

  • Up-to-date Data: Our frequently refreshed data guarantees you have the most current pricing information for decision-making.

  • Product-Specific Focus: We consider the complexities of individual Microsoft products for precise pricing assessments.

{Perspective and nuance

Let's benchmark your deal with Microsoft