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Microsoft Azure Contract Negotiation

The challenges we solve

  • Navigating rigid discount policies and concessions during MACC negotiations.

  • Taming escalating costs linked to Azure consumption metrics.

  • Deciphering the intricate and complex Azure pricing models.

  • Making sense of Azure consumption discount (ACD), Azure credit offer (ACO), and service-specific discounts.

  • Ensuring realistic scrutiny of consumption estimates to prevent financial wastage.

  • Leveraging special Azure incentives to bolster your enterprise's cloud initiatives.

How we will support you

  • Guiding you through long-term price protection and accurate planning.

  • Leveraging deep market expertise to benchmark discounts and secure favourable terms.

  • Utilising data-driven metrics to streamline the procurement process and reduce costs.

  • Collaborating closely with your in-house teams to eliminate inefficiencies and foster a successful negotiation.

  • Developing a well-structured roadmap for your Azure negotiations, grounded in comprehensive analysis and market intelligence.

How we do it

At the outset, we immerse ourselves in understanding your specific needs and objectives, laying the foundation for a successful negotiation plan. Our approach is grounded in deep market intelligence, enabling us to tailor strategies that align perfectly with your business requirements.

Strategy Development:

  • Requirement Setting: We initiate by grasping your specific needs forming the base for a fruitful negotiation plan.

  • Detailed Plan & Strategy: Armed with a deep understanding of your goals and Azure requirements, we craft a comprehensive negotiation strategy and a detailed plan to achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Multi-Cycle Negotiation Alignment: Our approach involves iterative negotiation cycles, allowing us to adapt and refine the strategy based on real-time feedback and changing circumstances.

  • Proposal Analysis: We meticulously analyse proposals, providing continuous feedback for data-driven decisions.

Market Intelligence:

  • Sector-Based Pricing Insights: We offer valuable insights into Azure services pricing, helping you make informed decisions based on industry dynamics and benchmarks.

  • Geography Segmentation: Utilised for precise Azure cost analysis, ensuring that your negotiation strategies align with regional market variations and opportunities.

  • Company Size Segmentation: Tailoring negotiations to your organisation's unique needs and scale, optimising deals that perfectly fit your business requirements.

  • 12-Month Refreshed Data: Stay ahead of the competition with access to up-to-date Azure market trends and intelligence for agile decision-making and proactive negotiation tactics.

Through this structured yet flexible approach, we stand as a tactical war room of experts at your disposal, ready to support you throughout the negotiation process, securing optimal agreements and maximising your Azure benefits.

{Strategic Insight, Tactical Execution


Understanding Your Current Position

  • Market intelligence
  • Current Azure expenditure
  • Risks and opportunities

Strategy Development

Tailoring Your Negotiation Plan

  • Requirement setting
  • Detailed plan & strategy
  • Alignment with business goals

Market Insight

Leveraging Industry Dynamics

  • Sector-based pricing insights
  • Geography and company size segmentation
  • Discount benchmarking

Negotiation Preparation

Setting the Stage for Success

  • Objectives definition
  • Interests and priorities alignment
  • Team preparation and role assignment

Negotiation Execution

Achieving Optimal Outcomes

  • Multi-cycle negotiation alignment
  • Proposal analysis and continuous feedback
  • Tactical war room of experts at your disposal

Closing & Implementation

Sealing the Best Deal

  • Final proposal review
  • Contract review and validation
  • Internal communication and benefit realisation


Our independence is by design; we don't partner with Microsoft or engage in license sales. This guarantees that our guidance is unbiased, with no hidden agendas.


We leverage our deep understanding of agreements, licensing, and cloud economics to secure the best possible outcomes for you.


SAMexpert enjoys a global reputation of trust, advising Fortune 500 companies, various businesses, and governmental organisations.

Why entrust your Azure negotiations to SAMexpert?

At SAMexpert, we specialise in providing Management Consulting services focused exclusively on Microsoft contract negotiations, financial cloud management, and procurement solutions, offering bespoke solutions that stand out in the industry.

Leveraging data-driven insights and a deep understanding of cloud contracts, we craft innovative strategies to help you address challenges and reach your goals with efficiency.

Our strategy is thorough yet straightforward: We utilise pricing benchmark data and apply the best practices in negotiation management, providing continuous support. This enables our clients to allocate their funds wisely and extract the utmost value from Microsoft products and services.

Collaborative Approach: Our close collaboration with your in-house teams ensures that your specific needs and objectives are met, fostering a partnership that goes beyond the contract.

Deep Market Insight: We leverage meticulous market research and data analysis to craft agile and informed strategies, helping you secure the best terms and substantial savings.

Unrivalled Expertise: Led by our Chief Negotiation Officer, Daryl Ullman, an industry veteran with a rich history in Microsoft licensing and cloud contract negotiations, our team embodies excellence and authority in the field.

Tailored Strategies: We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our services are customised to navigate the complexities of Azure pricing models effectively, offering solutions that are as unique as your business.

Transparent Communication: We stand by clear and direct communication, removing confusion and complexity from Cloud costs and providing actionable insights.

{Expertise rooted in decades of industry leadership

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