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Microsoft 365 Planning and Optimisation

The challenges our clients experience

  • Increasing year-on-year per-employee license costs.

  • Overspending due to the "one profile to meet all user needs" approach (usually M365 E3/E5)

  • Underutilisation of license commitment.

  • High running costs due to the complexity of provisioning and de-provisioning.

  • License duplication in Microsoft 365 and on-premises.

  • Payments for third-party software that does the same as M365 suites.

  • Lack of transparency of usage patterns.

  • Increased costs due to changes to the CSP program.

How we can support you

  • Help you get market-best pricing.

  • Guide you in selecting the best subscription model.

  • Plan M365 profiles based on actual persona requirements.

  • Optimise Microsoft 365 and Office 365 provisioning.

  • Identify unused software and value gap.

  • Reduce or eliminate maintenance costs on third-party software duplicating M365 functionality.

  • Resolve duplication issues in M365 and with on-premises licensing.

  • Identify and mitigate software adoption issues.

  • Reduce ongoing subscription costs associated with inactive users.

  • Plan and implement a de-provisioning process.

How we work

Digital transformation and user productivity are critical factors in your success. Your migration to the Cloud was meant to make your life easier and reduce software costs.

But as with any new technology, you might have started to discover that your life hasn’t become less complicated, and your costs haven’t declined. And now, what you need is a friendly, impartial partner to make the most of your Office and Microsoft 365 investment.

At SAMexpert, we provide you with a proven methodology based on a 4-step plan without losing focus on your budget and financial goals.

{Optimise costs and eliminate the value gap


Understanding your environment

  • Gathering subscription data
  • Deployment assessment
  • Usage assessment
  • Duplicate third-party software assessment
  • Effective Subscription Position (ESP)


Future demand & requirements

  • M365 persona workshop & analysis
  • Future demand review
  • Cost analysis


End to overspending

  • Removal of redundant M365 subscriptions
  • New Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Negotiation or program change
  • Third-party duplicate software removal


Plan & Implement

  • Plan and implement a de-provisioning process
  • Align provisioning with the joiners-movers-leavers process
  • Implement an easy-to-use usage assessment tool
  • Semi-annual optimisation review


We deliberately don't partner with Microsoft or sell licenses. It ensures that our advice is impartial and there is no hidden agenda.


We employ our thorough understanding of agreements, licensing, and cloud economics to help you achieve the best possible results.


You don’t have to take our word for it. We will organise a reference call, so you get first-hand feedback from a client we helped.

Why work with us

SAMexpert provides a unique experience advantage, driven by the company’s founders, who personally oversee every engagement and lead an experienced, passionate team of experts whose only goal is to create value for our customers. 

We have distilled over 60 years of collective experience into a battle-proven process that is continuously updated to meet 
the latest trends in Microsoft licensing and Cloud services.

{Over 60 years of collective experience

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