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Hi, good to meet you

We are SAMexpert, a software asset management consultancy specialising in Microsoft licensing.

Each of us has 20+ years of experience in this complex and messed-up industry. We know it inside out, but we will never throw jargon at you.

We are proud to be 100% independent, so when we say we’re on your side, it’s the honest truth: we don’t have an agenda.

We’re quick and won’t try to tie you into a long contract — we’re closer to ninjas than to Genghis Khan’s army.

Let’s see how we can fix your licensing headaches while saving you some serious money.

What do we do, exactly?

  • Microsoft Licensing and Microsoft Cloud – demystified, negotiated, optimised

  • Microsoft Audit Defence, including Service Provider audits (on your side)

  • Microsoft License and Vendor Management — procurement-friendly

Why do it with us?

20+ years is no joke

We’ve been in this industry long enough to remember computers size of a living room that took hours to draw a white circle on a black screen. We’ve advised clients since well before Microsoft introduced its Enterprise Agreement. Basically: we know our stuff.

We’ve been in this industry for a while: as the saying goes, people get less for murder. But we still love what we do. We’ve advised clients ranging from startups to The Metropolitan Police and Unilever. We even remember the time before Microsoft introduced its Enterprise Agreement. Basically: we know our stuff.

Independence rules

Independence means we don’t have an agenda, unlike software vendors. It means we give our clients the exact same advice we would give to ourselves or a good friend. It also means we can call out cowboys and shameless profiteers that make up an embarrassing percentage of our industry. #sorrynotsorry

Two billion dollars and counting

Over the years we’ve saved our clients over $2,000,000,000. Does that give us a warm, fuzzy feeling even in the dead of winter? You bet.

On average, we save our clients around 30% of their licensing and Cloud expenses, quickly and efficiently. Think of all the money you could put into growing your business instead of wasting it.

Nerve cells don’t regenerate

Look: licensing a ridiculously complicated and messed up sphere. We’ve seen people try to figure it out themselves, as well as by working with software vendors and tools, and we can tell you right now that it’s a waste of your time and nerve cells.

Here’s what happens: prolonged confusion; nice but misleading sales talk; discounts that never last. Then the smoke settles, and you realise that you have wasted time and money, and were in fact dealing with people who really didn’t have your best interests at heart.

Both your nerve cells and your company deserve better.

Why we do it

Reason one: we genuinely enjoy cracking licensing puzzles. It probably wards off dementia, too, like those brain training games.

Reason two: we’re on  a mission to demystify our industry, because it has seen more BS than a Madrid bullring..

How we work

  • You tell us about your pain and we see if some quick advice will be sufficient;

  • Together, we decide if you will benefit from our services (you have the final say, obviously);

  • We send you a neat and concise proposal;

  • We stop the bleeding, heal the pain, save you a handful of nerve cells and, of course, your money.

Shall we chat?

Your company is most likely bleeding money through unnecessary software and Cloud expenses. Let’s fix that.

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