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Microsoft SPLA Managed Service

The problems we solve

  • Complexity of Microsoft licensing for providers

  • Complicated interoperability of SPLA, BYOL and CSP-Hosting

  • Poor link between billing and licensing costs

  • Losses and risks due to change management not reflecting sales events

  • Lack of knowledge and support from Microsoft

  • Staff overheads

  • Unknown audit risks

What you'll get

  • Improve profitability by reducing billing errors and omissions.

  • Lower risk of non-compliance penalties in case of an audit.

  • Ensure accurate Microsoft reporting.

  • Allocate staff resources effectively.

  • Increase confidence in revenue-generating service management.

  • Focus on business growth without compliance distraction.

How we do it

Our Microsoft SPLA Managed Service provides end-to-end management of your SPLA and CSP-hosting reporting and end-customer billing.

Based on years of experience working with hundreds of service providers, it is designed to remove costly errors and non-compliance risks

There are six core components:

  • Monthly SPLA Reporting Management

  • End Customer Billing Report Alignment

  • SPLA Licensing Tool Management

  • Annual Governance and end customer T&C's review

  • Yearly Compliance and Audit Review

  • Unlimited Support

{Full-cycle expert support

Why SAMexpert?

Since 2003, we have been providing cost management related to Microsoft Cloud and licensing, empowering our clients with independent, knowledgeable, no-nonsense advice and negotiation services, reducing costs, improving ROI, and mitigating non-compliance risks and audit fees.

{Over 20 years of experience

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