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Where are our clients located?

You may want to check the map below. New countries are added almost every month.

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What enables SAMexpert to be a global trusted consultancy?

  • We perform most of our work remotely. In our business, on-site work is usually unnecessary. If you have a highly sensitive case when work must be done on-site, we will agree on a convenient way for both parties. Of course, our leadership team will always be happy to visit your head office and shake your hand.

  • We have feet on the ground in the UK, the USA, Ireland, the EU and the Middle East.

  • Our experts speak over ten languages and have experience dealing with various cultural backgrounds and business traditions.

  • We also consistently learn and monitor how Microsoft, and other vendors we work with, operate in different regions.

How do we work remotely?

  • To meet with your team, we can use any convenient, secure communication tool: Teams, Zoom, Google meet, Signal, or anything else you prefer.

  • We transfer data securely between your team and us. We'll work with you to agree on the most convenient and secure data channels and storage for your circumstances and requirements.

Where are SAMexpert's principal offices located?

Please see our contact details here.