This site is a publishing platform for professionals working in SAM and licensing. The project was launched back in 2009 as a personal blog of Alexander Golev, who was later joined by Dmitry Yankovenko (see his page on the Russian-language mirror) and Timur Sabaev (his page on the Russian-language mirror).

Initially, all the articles were published exclusively in Russian. In 2019, SAMexpert.Com and SAMexpert.Ru were separated with an aim to reach a wider audience through publishing articles in English including some translations of the most relevant original articles from the platform's archive.


We are a bunch of professionals who may be working either on our own or for an organisation or a business entity. However, as a whole, we are not affiliated with any business. This has always been, and will remain an independent platform.

May I join you?

Yes, you may. Please drop us an email, and if you have something interesting to say on the matter, you will be welcomed.

Since SAM and licensing is our bread and butter, we are quite tolerant to self-advertising of our authors. Please share your experience and add relevant links and references to your business and the services you provide. The only requirement is, please don't overdo it. This site's first and foremost mission is to be informative. Our readers must be able to find answers to their questions. Let's keep them satisfied and entertained (depending on your opinion if the latter applies to SAM and licensing).

Cookies and privacy

At the moment we do not collect any user data ourselves. It may change in time if we figure out how to create a truly interesting newsletter or there will be a compelling reason to enable user comments. Then, we'll do what's necessary and required by the law to protect your privacy.

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IMPORTANT: if you don't like an author's opinion, here is our complaint policy

The opinions of our authors may not agree with the opinions of the platform creator, or even their respective employers. We don't see an issue with it. Moreover, we respect it. Moreover, we may even encourage it if we think that it benefits the SAM community. In the end, this is a platform for personalities entitled to their own personal opinion, and who may sometimes have something to say that might upset you or your employer.

Therefore, if you are upset, if you disagree, please take it directly with the author, and not via their employers. Unfortunately, we have had a few unpleasant experiences with software vendors and businesses, when things were escalated before even a slightest attempt to resolve it in a civilised manner.

Please consider this an official disclaimer waiving our authors' employers' responsibility.

Of course, there are things that we do not tolerate on our platform, which include but not limited to: rasism, hate speech, misogyny and/or any other form of discrimination. If you think that we have lowered our standards, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can review the offending content as soon as possible.

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In regards to the content of the articles, it is copyright of their respective authors unless explicitly stated otherwise. When re-posting or quoting, please note that we politely require you to add a link to the original article.

If you have a copyright dispute with us, please let us know as soon as possible so we could rectify the issue in a timely manner.

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