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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Training 2022

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement: what is it, how does it work, economics, true-ups, renewals, mistakes, and negotiation tips.


► Volume Licensing Agreements, Software Assurance, License lifetime
► Definitions: Affiliate, Qualified Desktop, Qualified User
► Minimal requirements to sign a Microsoft Licensing Agreement
► What is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?
► What documents are there in an Enterprise Agreement?
► Types of Enrollments in a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
► Enterprise Agreement vs Enterprise Agreement Subscription
► Predefined levels of discounts in Microsoft Enterprise Agreements
► What are the minimum order requirements in an Enterprise Agreement?
► How to pay for licenses in an Enterprise Enrollment
► How to pay for services in an Enterprise Enrollment
► How to calculate True-Up costs? What must you pay at a true-up?
► How to pay for products and services in a Subscription Enrollment
► How Server and Cloud Enrollment works
► Minimum requirements for a Server and Cloud Enrollment
► What are the price/discount levels in a Server and Cloud Enrollment
► What happens when an Enrollment expires?
► Why extending an Enterprise Agreement is a bad idea
► You can buy out subscription licences and make them perpetual
► What are the Audit clauses in an Enterprise Agreement
► What rights apply to your licences? Microsoft changes them all the time
► Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, License Transfers
► Choose your "Enrolled Affiliates" wisely! This is why
► Mistakes
► Renewal and Negotiation advice


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