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We all like to stick to what we know and what works for us. In negotiation, this is true as well. Many representatives on the seller’s side feel uncomfortable engaging decision makers on the buyer’s side. This can be put down to lack of experience or fear of engaging someone more senior than ourselves. Ultimately, relying on someone else you are negotiating with to engage and convince the decision maker on your behalf, is a dangerous tactic, that should not be part of your everyday toolbox.

The impact could be significant – loss of the deal completely, loss of revenue, or a serious delay in meeting deadlines.

Next time you negotiate, follow these 6 steps to ensure success:

  1. Identify the decision maker/makers before the negotiation begins.

  2. Make sure you know how to reach out to her, or who in the company has a relationship with her.

  3. Reach out to her and build rapport.

  4. Incorporate into your negotiation plan when and how you plan to engage with her.

  5. Make sure that your concession strategy includes specific steps aimed at the decision maker.

  6. Do not rely on other people you are negotiating with to do your job, do it yourself!

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