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Daryl Ullman

Daryl Ullman

SAMexpert's CNO (Chief Negotiation Officer) and partner

Daryl joined SAMexpert with one clear vision – to provide corporate firms with the knowledge, tools and experience to innovate and thrive by negotiating exceptional deals with prominent software vendors.

Before joining SAMexpert, Daryl enjoyed 25 years in enterprise software and medical devices, fulfilling multiple executive management and sales roles. Over his career, he has advised senior managers of some of the world’s leading companies across various industries. In 2017 Daryl led his first company, Emerset Consulting Group, to a successful merger with Getter Group and, before that, held the role of Executive Contracts & Licensing Manager for Microsoft MEA.

Daryl currently acts as an Advisory Board Member for BWG Strategy. He fulfils his passion as a professional negotiator by designing innovative negotiation methodologies and providing training and coaching to leading companies around the globe.

Daryl is a graduate of Harvard University’s Negotiation and Leadership Executive Program and holds a BA in Business Administration and Management from the University of West London and an MSc in Management and Information Systems from the New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

Daryl authored Negotiating with Microsoft (2012), detailing his methodology for negotiating with the prominent multinational software corporation.