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Windows Autopilot Licensing

Key takeaways:

  • There is no specific Windows Autopilot license,

  • It requires Intune P1 and Entre ID P2 to function, so that is the minimum licensing requirement,

  • Top Microsoft 365 plans include both required components; therefore, they include Windows Autopilot.

What is Windows Autopilot

It's a time-and-cost-saving feature of Intune. It allows you to speed up and streamline client device deployment and configuration. 

Supported client devices:

  • Laptops and desktops running Windows 10, 11, 12, etc.

  • Hololens.

How Windows Autopilot works

  1. You configure Windows Autopilot in Intune.

  2. Your organisation buys new laptops, or your IT department wipes and reinstalls unused ones,

  3. No additional configuration is needed. Send laptops to your employees. You can even send OEM laptops straight to their homes.

  4. Your employee registers the laptop with your organisation's Intune by simply logging in. That's when the magic happens, and all the necessary settings are applied without re-imaging the device.

Minimum licensing requirements for Windows Autopilot

To work, Windows Autopilot requires:

  • Intune Plan 1

  • Entra ID Plan 1 (formerly known as Azure AD Plan 1)

You may rightfully infer that the above services represent the minimal licensing requirement. 

But before you go ahead and order these licenses, check if Windows Autopilot is already included in the Microsoft 365 plans your organisation uses.

What Microsoft 365 plans include Windows Autopilot?

It's simple

Most of you may already have Windows Autopilot included in your Microsoft 365 subscriptions. If that's you, it comes at zero additional cost.

If you start from scratch and don't need a full M365 subscription, take Entra ID Plan 1 and Intune Plan 1.

If you need to discuss a more complex Microsoft licensing scenario, don't wait; use the form below and tell us about your challenges.