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Oracle ULA Certification

Oracle ULA certification is a process an Oracle ULA customer must use to exit their Oracle ULA agreement when they decline to renew their Oracle ULA.

What is an Oracle ULA?

Oracle ULA is an unlimited deployment agreement for a fixed set of products and a fixed period. 

When an Oracle ULA is signed, the customer pays Oracle a one-time license fee. In the following years, they only pay an annual support fee. 

After the agreement term ends, the Oracle ULA customer must report deployment numbers (deployed quantities) to Oracle. Oracle will want to conduct a license audit to review all the licensing numbers and ascertain how many Oracle licenses the customer is entitled to.

How to exit a ULA?

Smart Oracle ULA customers should use this strategy:

  1. Work with Oracle licensing experts that use the same Oracle LMS scripts (aka Oracle license compliance scripts) that Oracle uses to audit its customers.

  2. If non-compliance is found, the customer can decide how to proceed: either sign a new Oracle ULA or remediate the shortcomings.

  3. Oracle ULA customers should also take the opportunity to maximize their deployment numbers before the Oracle ULA term is up. Doing so will create a "license buffer" and ensure you do not purchase more licenses.

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