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The SPLA Audit Report: How to Fight Back and Win

The initial Microsoft SPLA audit report is rarely accurate. Learn how to fight back and avoid negotiating from a position of weakness.

Why? Here are only a few reasons:

— data gaps,
— misinterpretations,
— assumptions,
— knowledge gaps,
— and even Excel errors.

We'll teach you what you can do about it.

Why trust us? We've supported service providers through over 100 Microsoft SPLA audits with a 100% success rate.

Understanding the SPLA Audit Report:

○ Typical format and contents of the report (Excel worksheets, findings, etc.)
○ The difference between a draft report and a final report
○ Why the audit report is not the final word on your SPLA compliance

Common Issues in Audit Reports:

○ Excessive or unreasonable assumptions made by auditors
○ Misinterpretations of data or licensing rules
○ Calculation errors or omissions
○ Incorrect scoping of assets or services

Strategies for Challenging the Report:

○ Validating formulas and calculations
○ Providing additional evidence to counter assumptions
○ Addressing misinterpretations with clear explanations and documentation
○ Correcting errors and ensuring accurate data

The Importance of Pushing Back:

○ How every disputed item can significantly impact the final outcome
○ Negotiating with the auditor vs. negotiating with Microsoft
○ The role of legal counsel and SPLA experts in the dispute process

Preparing for the Negotiation Phase:

○ Gathering all supporting documentation and evidence
○ Developing a clear and compelling argument
○ Understanding your leverage and potential concessions

Success Stories and Lessons Learned:

○ Case studies of successful challenges to audit reports
○ Common mistakes to avoid when disputing findings
○ The importance of persistence and a well-prepared defence

We aim to empower all service providers to thoroughly review and understand their SPLA audit reports, identify areas for dispute, and effectively advocate for their position during the negotiation phase.


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