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Tenant-Level Licensing in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has tenant-level, tenant-wide security features that, when enabled even for one user, allow all users to access them. And as a Microsoft 365 administrator, YOU must take steps to limit that access.

So, what are the consequences of you neglecting it? Shall you just ignore it until Microsoft finally pulls its act together and implements limiting features themselves?

Here's the Microsoft Document link I'm mentioning:

Here are some quotes from it:

► ..., a tenant-level service is an online service that—when purchased for any user in the tenant (standalone or as part of Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plans)—is activated in part or in full for all users in the tenant.
► Although some unlicensed users may technically access the service, a license is required for any user that you intend to benefit from the service.
► Some tenant services are not currently capable of limiting benefits to specific users.
► Efforts should be taken to limit the service benefits to licensed users.
► This will help avoid potential service disruption to your organization once targeting capabilities are available.