Training and Certification from SAMexpert

SAMexpert Academy

In 2023, we rolled out a dedicated training platform — SAMexpert Academy.

Everything related to our training and certification will be published there from now on.

Our famous free-of-charge training

We moved all our free content to the SAMexpert Academy website as well. You will find the Microsoft License Management Training - FREE in the course store.

Every month, we conduct new live training sessions on our YouTube channel – – please subscribe to it and enable notifications, so you don't miss our live events and educational videos.

Here is the first part of our training but there are many more.

Is there a certification exam after the training?

Yes. Please read this page on SAMexpert Academy.

If you have any questions

Please don't hesitate to message us here.

Please note that we don't provide individual support for the free-of-charge exam unless in exceptional circumstances. Please read and follow the instructions above on this page carefully.