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We believe in sharing. We share our Microsoft licensing and Cloud economics knowledge with our SAMexpert TV community and our blog readers here.

In addition, we provide custom and group training commercially.

And on top of all, we also have our own SAMexpert's Microsoft License Management certification.

This page is dedicated to everything related to Continuous Professional Development that we provide, whether free of charge or commercial.

SAMexpert Training and Certification

Commercial training and CPD

Your team, trained by our experts:

  • Custom training developed for you and tailored to your needs. We can conduct it in person, remotely or on-site, or record and license it to your organisation so you can use it to train new employees.

  • Group training using modules from our popular training courses, remote or on-site. We will help to choose the best format and schedule for you.

The topics we train on:

What our clients are saying

Nicola Panzacchi, Deda Cloud:

The work done with SAMexpert on Microsoft licensing training has been outstanding. Clarity and detail in every aspect. Excellent work.

How to book us for a training

Please don't hesitate to contact us for training enquiries here or book a no-obligation discovery call.

Microsoft License Management Training 2022 (free)

Based on the overwhelming success of the last year's free-of-charge training, we decided to do it again in 2022, albeit in a slightly different format.

Microsoft License Management and Microsoft Licensing fundamentals

This live training has already taken place, and its recording is available on demand:

  • Intro to Microsoft Licensing

  • Types of Microsoft licenses: Client, CAL, Server

  • How to buy Microsoft licenses

  • Factors affecting Microsoft licensing terms

  • Software Assurance, perpetual and subscription licenses

  • Fundamental terms, definitions and principles

  • Re-assigning licences

  • Virtualisation: hosts and clusters (Hyper-V, VMware)

  • What to do when licenses or SA expire

  • Indirect use and multiplexing

  • Downgrade rights and lower editions

  • Licenses may require other licenses - license dependencies

  • Licensing metrics explained

    • Per user: Office 365, Microsoft 365, some Azure

    • Per device: Office, Project, Visio

    • VDA: choose users or devices

    • Windows 11: per device + per user

    • Server/CAL: Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business

    • Processor and core metrics explained

    • SQL Server licensing metrics and rules

    • Windows Server licensing metrics and rules

    • System Center - management licenses

    • Visual Studio and MSDN - per user

  • Microsoft 365 basics, cost management, personas

  • Cloud BYOL basics and principles

  • Cloud BYOL economics; cost-saving and cost-avoidance tips

  • Calculating cloud licenses for Windows Server and SQL Server

  • Microsoft licensing agreements basics

  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement basics

  • Comparing Enterprise Agreement vs CSP

Next live stream: Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Training 2022

When will the next training live stream take place?

Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

  • PDT 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM (Pacific time)

  • EDT 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (East coast)

  • BST 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UK)

  • CET 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Central Europe)

Where will the training take place?

We will stream it on our YouTube channel – SAMexpert TV.

To avoid missing the stream, please do the following:

  1. visit the channel,

  2. subscribe,

  3. and set a reminder.

What topics will we cover?

It will be a two-hour session, in which we will cover:

  • Definitions: Affiliate, Qualified Desktop, Qualified User

  • Minimal requirements to sign a Microsoft Licensing Agreement

  • What documents are there in an Enterprise Agreement?

  • Types of Enrollments in a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

  • Predefined levels of discounts in Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

  • What are the minimum order requirements in an Enterprise Agreement?

  • How to pay for licenses and services

  • How to calculate True-Up costs? What must you pay at a true-up?

  • How Server and Cloud Enrollment works

  • Minimum requirements for a Server and Cloud Enrollment

  • What are the Audit clauses in an Enterprise Agreement

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, License Transfers

  • Renewal and Negotiation advice

Why do we do it free of charge?

  • It is our contribution to the ITAM and procurement communities. We want to help you understand the principles of Microsoft Licensing – in the Cloud and on-premise.

  • It also puts our names out there, so it's a win-win.

  • We enjoy it.

🟠 Will there be certification after the training?

Yes. You will need to take our exam. We provide three options:

  • Free-of-charge certification in January 2023. Read the following section carefully!

  • Our channel members can request access at any time.

  • Commercial certification is available all year long upon request. Don't hesitate to contact us here for certification enquiries.

Important information about the free-of-charge exam

To be eligible for the free-of-charge exam and certification in January 2023, you must join the dedicated mailing list and remain subscribed until the exam is open. We will only publish critical exam-related information on the mailing list.

Please don't worry; we won't spam you on the free exam mailing list. We don't spam anywhere. If you are concerned about your privacy, please check our privacy policy. In addition, paying members of our YouTube channel community can message us via the contact form. We will provide you access to the exam for no additional fee on top of the monthly member contribution.

Please do not make these mistakes:

  • Subscribing to our channel will not give you access to the exam. Please join the dedicated mailing list instead. We appreciate your subscription, of course.

  • If you leave the mailing list, block it, or use an email that doesn't work, we won't be able to provide you with individual support. Register again from a new email address if you lost access to your previous mailbox.

  • Please do not contact us via personal communication channels, LinkedIn or email unless we instruct you. We won't be providing individual support for the free-of-charge exam except for our contributing members.

Microsoft License Management Certification

Why another Microsoft licensing certification?

Three reasons:

  • Microsoft stopped providing official licensing training and certification. They even don't train or certify on licensing in Azure.

  • Employers need evidence that candidates are subject-matter experts.

  • Candidates want something to prove themselves to potential employers.

And since the community trusts our knowledge, we can provide this opportunity.

Is it an official certification?

If "official" means that it's provided, endorsed or subsidised by Microsoft, the answer is no.

We are not Microsoft. We are not affiliated with or financed by Microsoft. This exam and its associated training are purely our initiatives. Our certificate is not an official Microsoft certificate.

What makes it different from other such exams?

Most of the currently available Microsoft licensing exams, which are all independent, only test knowledge of licensing. Furthermore, they only include the most current licensing rules.

We are a practising consultancy with over 90% of our revenue from providing independent license and cloud economics advice. We built our core Microsoft License Management training and exam on our experience helping our clients.

That is why we called our core training "Microsoft License Management Training" instead of "Microsoft Licensing Training". In addition to the most current licensing, we give valuable tips on working with legacy licences, commercial management of agreements, advice on negotiating with Microsoft, and even audit defence.

Things you need to know about the SAMexpert certification exam

  • The exam is conducted online. You will receive a link or access code depending on your exam application.

  • Please use your correctly spelt real name when registering for the exam – it will appear on your certificate. We cannot amend certificates – it is technically impossible on the exam platform.

  • There are 80 randomly selected questions.

  • You will have 3 hours to take the exam.

  • You must take it in one go; no saving allowed, so please set aside up to 3 hours uninterrupted.

  • Please don't despair if you fail it on the first attempt. You will be given three shots.

  • The passing threshold is 80%.

  • We strongly encourage you to watch the recordings of parts 2 to 8 of the Microsoft License Management Training 2021 embedded below. Please do not attempt to pass it after watching the basics part only.

  • After successfully passing the exam, the platform will automatically issue you a certificate.

Microsoft License Management Training 2021

Our previous training sessions were streamed on YouTube in 2021 and attracted close to 20,000 views by 2022. There were eight parts, each listed below.

We encourage you to watch all eight parts before you attempt to take our exam.

In addition to this page, you can always watch the entire recording on YouTube.

1. Microsoft Licensing Basics, Models, Fundamentals

Instead of the version-2021, please watch the updated training here: Microsoft License Management Training Basics and Principles 2022.

2. Microsoft licensing agreements explained

The second module is dedicated to Microsoft volume licensing agreements and CSP. It includes the following topics:

  • What is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?

  • Enterprise Agreement vs Enterprise Agreement Subscription

  • Predefined levels of discounts in Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

  • How to pay for licenses and services in an Enterprise Enrollment

  • How to pay for services in an Enterprise Enrollment

  • How to calculate True-Up costs? What must you pay at a true-up?

  • How to pay for products and services in a Subscription Enrollment

  • How Server and Cloud Enrollment works

  • What are the price/discount levels in a Server and Cloud Enrollment

  • What are the Audit clauses in an Enterprise Agreement

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, License Transfers

  • Microsoft Customer Agreement (CSP)

  • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement MPSA

  • Open Value Agreement

3. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Licensing

The third module includes the following topics:

  • How to license and buy Microsoft Azure

  • Cost management tools included in Azure

  • Windows Server licensing in Azure

  • How Azure Reserved Instances work and reduce cost

  • How Azure Hybrid Benefits work for Windows Server

  • How to calculate licensing requirements for Windows Server

  • SQL Server licensing and Azure Hybrid Benefit

  • How to calculate licensing requirements for SQL Server

  • SQL database licensing, Reserved Capacity

  • How to calculate licensing requirements for SQL Database

  • Remote Desktop CALs, RDS CAL in Azure

  • Bring Your Own Licenses, License Mobility

  • Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365 licensing

  • Two ways to reduce the cost of Office 365 migration

  • Power BI licensing overview

  • Planning and managing costs of Microsoft Online Services

  • Compliance mistakes in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365

4. Microsoft desktop licensing

The fourth module discusses Microsoft desktop licensing on-premises and in the Cloud. It includes the following subjects:

  • What is Microsoft desktop licensing

  • Moving to Modern Desktop

  • Microsoft Windows 10 licensing rules and mistakes

  • Challenges organisations have with Microsoft Desktop Licensing

  • Licensing Windows 10 in virtual machines VDI and local

  • How to license Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

  • Microsoft Office licensing, Project and Visio licensing

  • Local licensing vs Terminal Server / Citrix licensing

  • How to license Office for Work from Home and VPN

  • Bundles: Professional Desktop, Enterprise Desktop, Microsoft 365

5. Microsoft server licensing

The fifth training module discusses Microsoft server licensing on-premises and in the Cloud. It includes the following topics:

  • Windows Server licensing

  • How to calculate Windows Server core license requirements

  • How to license Windows Server virtual machines and containers

  • How to license Windows Server in VMware clusters, Hyper-V clusters

  • Windows Server Client Access License, CAL

  • Windows Server Azure Hybrid Benefit

  • Licensing Windows Server CAL in Azure

  • Windows Server in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba

  • Windows Server in third-party providers (SPLA)

  • Windows Server in CSP

  • System Center Management Licenses

  • System Center licensing in VMware and Hyper-V clusters

  • System Center in Azure

  • System Center in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba

  • System Center in CSP

  • Licensing Core Infrastructure Suite

  • SQL Server Licensing

  • How to calculate SQL Server license requirements?

  • SQL Server licensing in VMware and Hyper-V clusters

  • Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server

  • SQL Failover - free instances for DR and High Availability

  • SQL Server licensing requirements in Azure

  • SQL Server in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba

  • SQL Server in third-party providers (SPLA)

  • Software Assurance benefits for SQL Server

  • SQL Server in CSP

  • SQL Server Unlimited Virtualisation, does it make sense?

  • Licensing Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Licensing SharePoint Server

  • Licensing Skype for Business Server

  • Licensing Microsoft Project Server

  • Exchange, SharePoint, Skype in VMware and Hyper-V clusters

  • Using Microsoft Office Servers in third-party providers

  • Software Assurance for Microsoft Office Servers

6. Microsoft Licensing Audit Readiness and Audit Defence

This module provides a blueprint for Microsoft audit readiness measures and audit defence:

  • Reacting to an audit letter

  • Can Microsoft audit you?

  • What are the penalties?

  • How are the penalties calculated?

  • Addressing legal and confidentiality issues

  • Clarifying the audit scope

  • Building your team

  • Collecting the data

  • Verifying the report

  • Pushing back

  • Going to the negotiation room with Microsoft

  • To pay or not to pay the penalties?

7. Negotiating with Microsoft

Negotiating your license agreements with Microsoft:

  • Discounts, concessions, considerations,

  • Team, strategy, tactics.

This module was presented by Daryl Ullman – SAMexpert's Chief Negotiation Officer and a professional negotiator with 20+ years of experience negotiating deals with Microsoft.

8. Microsoft Visual Studio and developer tools

The eighth – and last – module discusses licensing Microsoft products for development and test purposes:

  • Licensing Visual Studio and MSDN

  • Non-production environments explained

  • Choosing the suitable licensing options for development and test

  • Visual Studio in Azure

  • Visual Studio in a third-party data centre

If you have any questions

Please don't hesitate to message us here.

Please note that we don't provide individual support for the free-of-charge exam. Please read and follow the instructions above on this page carefully.