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SPLA License Mobility Addendum and BYOL in 2024

If You're a Service Provider with a Microsoft SPLA, You Don't Need a License Mobility Addendum

There is a much better and simpler way to achieve the same results without signing extra paperwork.

The Question

Yesterday, we received a question from one of our clients, a service provider. They asked, "Do we need to renew our License Mobility Addendum?"

Our answer was a resounding "no." Here's why:

The Old Way

Microsoft introduced the License Mobility Addendum a long time ago. Its purpose was to allow a service provider's end clients to bring their own licenses onto the provider's servers. To use it, clients had to:

  • Verify the provider was a License Mobility Partner.

  • Ensure they had eligible licenses.

  • Complete and submit a special form to Microsoft.

  • Send the approved form to the provider, who then had to store it indefinitely in case of an audit.

The New Way

Thankfully, this process is no longer required! Thanks to the introduction of the Flexible Virtualization Benefit, end clients can take any licenses on a subscription or with active Software Assurance and use them with any service provider. There's no need to confirm if the provider is a License Mobility Partner.

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