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Microsoft SQL Server licensing and cost optimisation [blueprint]

Do you want to optimise SQL Server licensing and related costs? We're sharing our experience and our approach that lets our customers shift over $20m in total from waste* to growth.

Shall we graciously call it "charitable donations to Microsoft" instead?

In this session, we're sharing:

– Tips on reducing SQL Server licensing costs
– How to maximise existing investment
– Real potential vs "nice ideas."
– Pitfalls to watch out for
– And most importantly, STEP BY STEP process blueprint

So, whether you are
– a decision-maker looking for peace of mind around Microsoft,
– a procurement hero getting the kick out of cost avoidance "eureka",
– or a frontline SAM warrior,

We hope you'll find this interactive [now recorded] live stream useful.


— SQL Server Cost Reduction Tips:
— SQL Licensing on Hosting: