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Microsoft Commercial trends of 2022 โ€“ how they affect your budgets, discounts, sourcing and procurement. But most importantly, actions that YOU CAN TAKE to overcome this.

๐ŸŸข Licensing agreements
๐ŸŸข Azure and Cloud discounts
๐ŸŸข Unified Support negotiations
๐ŸŸข Savings with Bring Your Own Licenses โ€“ Azure Hybrid Benefit
๐ŸŸข "Single front" negotiation tactic

0:00 What are the PAIN POINTS of 2021
2:00 Two problems CFOs have to deal with
3:19 What is going on with Microsoft audits now
4:00 Is Microsoft doing well as a business?
5:40 The Microsoft's cheeky tactic you must be aware of.
7:47 What to do with Microsoft 365 price increase in March 2022
9:09 Unified Support "surprise" and how to mitigate it
10:43 How Microsoft sales reps are compensated in 2021-2022
11:48 Why you should have a multi-cloud approach.
12:37 What is the best practice to get a good discount?
14:26 High-level takeaways

Presented by Daryl Ullman, Chief Negotiation Officer of SAMexpert

โ“ Is your agreement expiring soon?
โ“ Are you being audited?
โ“ Would you like to check if you're getting a fair deal on Microsoft licenses and Cloud?

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Please watch: "Avoiding doubling licenses during migration"