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How to survive a Microsoft SPLA Audit - blueprint

SPLA Audit survival. How do you prepare and sail through a Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement audit?


🟢 Microsoft SPLA explained:


0:00 We are talking about Services Provider License Agreement audit survival
0:40 Who is Alexander Golev, and why would you even listen to me
2:40 What makes a Services Provider License Agreement audit so special?
7:10 How do you prove the correctness of reported figures to Microsoft?
10:18 What does the SPLA Audit timeline look like?
11:55 What to do when you receive an Audit letter from Microsoft?
12:59 Can you push back on the depth (years) of the audit?
15:57 Why do you need to draw a detailed diagram of your services?
17:40 Sign a Non-disclosure agreement on your terms
19:00 What of your data does the auditor share with Microsoft?
20:08 What you need to take from the audit kick-off meeting
23:18 Can you use your own tool for data gathering?
24:50 Why it is a good idea to get your data reviewed by an independent advisor
27:05 What other data do you need to have ready for submission?
28:48 License Verification forms, make sure you have them sorted before the audit
30:10 IMPORTANT – collect YOUR OWN reporting history!
32:15 Do not submit your data until it is reviewed independently
33:40 What you MUST check in the audit report (ELP, Excel file(s))
35:55 How do Big Four auditors handle gaps in your data?
36:44 Do auditors accept declarations?
38:10 What additional data do you need to provide to auditors?
39:05 ALWAYS ask your customers to provide written confirmations for their licences
40:54 What you MUST verify in all the subsequent versions of the audit report
41:44 This is your LAST CHANCE to fix errors and resolve disagreements
42:55 Agree to disagree, do not agree with the report!
43:45 Reduce your shortfall as much as possible BEFORE negotiations with Microsoft
45:30 Top 6 SPLA management mistakes
53:20 Answering your questions about SPLA audits

This is not a technical licensing event.

This time, we are talking to C-level, IT management and procurement people.

We walk you through all the process steps and give you survival tips, from the audit letter to the negotiation phase.

If you are in the SPLA business, we don't need to tell you what's going on right now. You have probably already received an audit letter from LCC.

Are you being audited by Microsoft?
We'll figure out a way to fix it with zero BS and zero waste.
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