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Audit Readiness and Data Quality - Microsoft Licensing Audit

Do you understand Audit Readiness and License Compliance Data Quality?

Microsoft License Audits often turn into fire-fighting "Audit Defence" exercises, when you try to fix the issues as they are uncovered by an auditor.

In many cases, the issues are also perceived, not real.

You may think that you are ready for an audit, you may think that you have all the necessary processes and licenses in place but are you ready for the questions that auditors ask?

And is your data good enough for an auditor?

0:00 Audit Readiness vs Audit Defence
0:58 How I failed a Microsoft Licensing exam
1:53 Data Quality is not just about its completeness
2:19 How do you check data completeness?
2:46 The other important metric for data quality, what is it?
3:11 Software inventory data quality example
4:04 Entitlement data quality examples


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