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10 big ideas negotiating with Microsoft in 2022 from the past year

10 big ideas for negotiating with Microsoft in 2021 and 2022.
– up-to-date pricing tactics,
– global discount policies,
– bundling strategies,
– cloud strategies and more.


– How to prepare for your Microsoft licensing negotiations:
– Premier vs Unified Support:
– How to mitigate the upcoming Office 365 price uplift:


0:00 Welcome
4:55 What did we learn in 2021?
8:50 Paradigm shift in Microsoft's approach to sales
12:45 What is the New Commerce Experience
15:20 The CSP negotiation shift
19:00 Monthly CSP plans are no longer attractive
23:04 Is a 3-year CSP commitment good?
27:06 LSPs have new competition!
30:48 Enterprise Agreement discount policy changes
34:28 Watch out for the declining discount tactic
38:35 Will Microsoft increase the Enterprise Agreement requirement to 2400 seats?
39:51 What's going on with Unified Support (replacement of Premier Support)?
45:32 Microsoft sales compensation model changed
51:57 Be aware of this dirty tactic
57:41 What is a Value Gap?
1:00:39 Sneaky product push tactics
1:02:55 Microsoft 365 price increase in March 2022 - how to mitigate

The session is presented by Daryl Ullman, Chief Negotiations Officer of SAMexpert, and co-hosted by Alexander Golev, Chief Efficiency Officer of SAMexpert.


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