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Are you looking for a short explanation of what Software Assurance is in Microsoft Licensing? What benefits does SA give you? And why it's an excellent idea to pay for Software Assurance if your infrastructure relies on virtualisation, and even when you're migrating to Cloud?

This and also:
- "I want to cancel my Enterprise Agreement" - Erm, ok! (plan for it!)
- What is License Mobility in Server Farms?
- What is License Mobility through Software Assurance (isn't it the same?)
- Quickly about Azure Hybrid Benefits (but certainly not enough).

0:00 What is Software Assurance?
0:30 Upgrade rights
1:08 Software Assurance is much more than upgrade rights
1:41 WARNING when your Software Assurance expires
2:10 "We want to cancel Software Assurance."
2:40 What you lose when you cancel Software Assurance
3:30 License Mobility through Software Assurance
4:20 Azure Hybrid Benefit
5:00 You need Software Assurance to virtualise

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Please watch: "Avoiding doubling licenses during migration"