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Microsoft Licensing for hosting – what's changed in October?

Microsoft introduced significant changes to Cloud provider licensing on October 1, 2022.

– What is the new "CSP Hoster" elite club?
– Will SPLA be gone or drastically transformed?
– What is replacing QMTH for hosting Microsoft 365 apps and Windows?
– How has BYOL changed? (spoiler: a lot!)
– Has licensing for providers become easier or more complicated?
– How has service provider compliance been affected?

The changes are positive for the end clients. We have very little doubt about that. But the provider ecosystem may have to undergo a significant reshuffle. Some businesses may be affected to the point of closure. But more CSP partners are expected to benefit from the update.

How have the changes affected your cloud and digital transformation journey?
Find us here, and let's look into that:


🟢 Microsoft SPLA explained:


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