SAMexpert Microsoft Licensing Experts

Blunt. Subjective. True. And you can learn from it.

Our top 10 of the most expensive mistakes in Microsoft License Management. In one recorded stream.

Presented by Alexander Golev, Microsoft Licensing Expert and Daryl Ullman, Negotiation Expert.

Please use chapters in the play bar to navigate through this long session.

Here is the full list of chapters:

  • 00:00 Top 10 Microsoft License Management mistakes

  • 00:54 What are the kinds of losses and inefficiencies related to licensing

  • 03:46 Is there a knowledge gap in resellers and Microsoft itself?

  • 05:26 The most frequent mistake made by Enterprise Agreement customers

  • 09:17 What tools Microsoft has to stop a wrong purchase

  • 10:40 Are there ways to fix the issue with licences you cannot use?

  • 11:45 How a customer bought licences they could not use

  • 13:34 Are you saving through Azure Hybrid Benefit?

  • 14:53 Requirements for Azure Hybrid Benefit

  • 15:40 Subscription licences are cheaper than Azure, even in Azure

  • 16:16 Why you should renew Software Assurance even if you're moving to Azure

  • 16:51 Do not forget to configure your Azure machines to use your own licences and save

  • 19:10 Tax on optimism? What is Azure commitment

  • 20:20 Are there benefits of Azure commitment

  • 22:10 Why some companies commit to Azure even if they don't migrate

  • 22:52 How to assess if you need Azure commitment

  • 24:13 Have you asked for a true-up discount?

  • 26:34 Do you check what you receive from your reseller?

  • 30:00 Whose responsibility it is to check license purchase at every step of the process

  • 31:40 What procurement can do to make sure they are granted what they paid for

  • 32:20 Have you got all concessions and discounts in writing?

  • 36:23 What is the difference between core licences and core packs

  • 39:10 What is the recommendation: buy 2-core packs or 16-core packs?

  • 40:00 16-core pack riddle, can you solve it?

  • 42:45 Daryl's recommendation about buying core packs

  • 44:50 Are Client Access Licences simple to understand?

  • 46:12 Not every Client Access Licence (CAL) is included in Core CAL or Enterprise CAL

  • 48:27 Is it more economical to buy CALs with maintenance (SA) or without it?

  • 54:57 How to deal with dirty sales tactics when mixing developer and production machines

  • 57:24 Better be safe than sorry: consolidate, separate, dedicate

  • 1:00:27 Is SQL Server Unlimited Virtualisation a way to save, or lose money?

  • 1:03:45 Why DBAs and procurement need to communicate closer

  • 1:06:30 Can you get discounts though license bundles, bundled products?

  • 1:09:26 Six more Microsoft licensing mistakes to watch out for

  • 1:13:26 Free Microsoft Licensing, License Management training in August

  • 1:15:30 Closing statement from Daryl