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How MICROSOFT LICENSING Works | How to find YOUR Terms and Conditions

Are you wondering how Microsoft Licensing works? What are the rights granted to you by Microsoft? How do you know what are the terms and conditions apply to your licences? Stick with me for the next few minutes, and I'll try to give you a few valuable tips on finding answers to these questions.

This video begins the Licensing Basics Series. We cover the core aspects of licensing: what is a licence, how to read licence terms, where to find helpful information, what do the various acronyms mean etc.


🟢 What is a software license:
🟢 Microsoft SPLA explained:


0:00 Intro
0:26 Licensee definition, rights and obligations
1:10 Individuals: Retail software licences
3:26 Organisations: Retail licences (FPP)
3:59 Organisations: VOLUME LICENCES
4:22 Product Terms document
6:04 Licensing Document Stack
6:56 Pre-installed Windows (OEM)
7:27 Organisations: Hosting and Cloud
7:44 Organisations: Bundled licences (ISV)
8:22 Service Providers
9:14 SPLA Document Stack, SPUR
10:12 Software Vendors: ISV Royalty Rights


Retail and OEM Terms:
SPLA End User Terms sample:
Volume Licensing Terms:
ISV Royalty Terms:
Software license vs gym membership:

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