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Microsoft Office 365 Cost Avoidance planning and Profiling

Are you aware that instead of paying for a one-size-fits-all single SKU for every user in your organisation (E5 is Microsoft's ultimate sales target now!), you can mix-and-match, pick-and-choose, and ultimately reduce multi-year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement cost?

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365 provide much better flexibility for Microsoft licensing and Cloud cost management than traditional on-premises licences, even in a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.


00:00 Countdown
02:25 Who is Alexander Golev
03:30 Who is Daryl Ullman
04:53 Free Microsoft License Management training announcement
06:00 Do you have to subscribe to the same M365 package for all users?
07:46 What are the M365 options that you have through the Enterprise Agreement?
10:45 Microsoft 365 Frontline packages F1 and F3 have limitations and conditions
12:32 A benefit of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement versus CSP
13:35 Bundles aren't always better and cheaper - you can cherry-pick components
19:00 When is it better to start preparations and why?
20:15 How Microsoft can kill all your efforts by going over your head
20:55 Microsoft's negotiation power and tactics
25:15 How you must brief your C-level: CEO, CIO, CFO
27:05 What are the key steps to define your "personas",, i.e. M365 packages
29:12 What are the caveats when you consider Frontline packages (F1/F3)
33:50 Why you should assess current usage to save more
42:29 Assess your shared use for non-compliance risk and/or waste of money
45:59 How to be in charge of your Microsoft negotiation
49:15 Why you should lock in the price for alternative components and bundles
50:36 What is your best alternative to the ideal bundles and discounts?
53:22 What are your current or future alternatives for security products?
57:35 Should ERP be a benchmark for discount calculations?
59:47 What to look for when you switch from EA to CSP
1:01:30 Wide E5 adoption is a global cyber security risk
1:03:00 Wrap-up

Alexander Golev and Daryl Ullman share their knowledge and experience.


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