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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement vs CSP – ready to switch?

Microsoft is rumoured to announce the new entry barrier into Enterprise Agreements, thus making CSP (now being rebranded as "Microsoft Customer Agreement") much more compelling to small-to-mid businesses of up to 2400 seats.

This may or may not happen exactly as it is rumoured to happen, and the initial blog post has been removed, so now we are waiting for official announcements on the subject.

And even if you are a large multinational corporation, you may, and you probably will benefit from CSP offerings.

Obviously, there are caveats as CSP is radically different to Enterprise Agreements, and what works for the latter may not work for the former.

Are you ready to switch? What are YOUR risks and benefits?


👉 What is CSP:
👉 How to prepare for your Microsoft licensing negotiations:


00:00 Intro and warm-up (skip freely)
05:18 Who is Alexander Golev, and why would you care?
05:45 Who is Daryl Ullman, and what is he famous for?
07:40 About our Microsoft License Management Training
09:57 Switching from EA to CSP is the topic of today
11:45 The "March 2022 rumour" about companies below 2400 seats
15:54 There are CSP benefits for large customers too
17:37 If you are below 500 users, Open License is replaced with CSP
19:22 What are the differences between EA and CSP
31:20 No Software Assurance anymore!
35:44 Where to find Product Terms for CSP (MCA)?
39:30 What to consider about SA when you are switching to CSP?
40:22 Using CSP as leverage in Microsoft negotiations
55:05 When to begin assessing the switch from EA to CSP
56:32 What about discounts in CSP?
1:01:30 CSP is mostly OPEX, not CAPEX. So what?
1:02:40 There is no Software Assurance (again)
1:03:55 SA benefits, are they the same, are they changing?
1:05:00 Can you use your SA credits towards Unified Support?
1:06:57 Can you negotiate your discounts?
1:09:50 Can you keep your EA discounts in CSP?
1:10:13 Is there an audit clause in MCA?
1:13:02 Will you still have an account manager in Microsoft?
1:13:57 Can you enrol multiple entities in one CSP?
1:15:04 Can you have multiple resellers in one CSP?
1:17:29 Where can you see all your licenses?
1:24:05 Answering your questions from the live chat

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