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How to license Microsoft software for Work From Home

So, like all the others, you had to provide your employees access to your network, so they can work from home.

As a part of that project, you let them access Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and maybe legacy instances of Microsoft Office.

There's a 99% chance you did not license it properly because, firstly, it is almost impossible. And secondly, it's pretty challenging to understand the problem with device-based licences and user-based access.

Please let me explain it again, so maybe my advice will help you this time.


How to choose a SAM tool that works:


0:00 Typical work-from-home configuration of servers
0:37 Why you are in trouble - audit penalties explained
1:30 The root of misunderstanding of per-device licensing rules
2:35 What happens when you control access with Active Directory groups per user
3:20 You will need to prove that you control what devices may access your servers
4:20 Common sense does not apply, unfortunately
4:50 A note from a USA lawyer
5:21 How do you solve this?
5:58 Do this one thing today, for yourselves
6:35 Can it be fixed with Office 365 licences?
6:55 Is using a SAM tool a good workaround?
9:00 ACT NOW!
9:55 What does it mean, "commercial resolution" of an audit?

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