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So, like all the others, you had to provide your employees access to your network, so they can work from home.

As a part of that project, you let them access Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and maybe legacy instances of Microsoft Office.

There's a 99% chance you did not license it properly because, firstly, it is almost impossible. And secondly, it's pretty challenging to understand the problem with device-based licences and user-based access.

Please let me explain it again, so maybe my advice will help you this time.

0:00 Typical work-from-home configuration of servers
0:37 Why you are in trouble - audit penalties explained
1:30 The root of misunderstanding of per-device licensing rules
2:35 What happens when you control access with Active Directory groups per user
3:20 You will need to prove that you control what devices may access your servers
4:20 Common sense does not apply, unfortunately
4:50 A note from a USA lawyer
5:21 How do you solve this?
5:58 Do this one thing today, for yourselves
6:35 Can it be fixed with Office 365 licences?
6:55 Is using a SAM tool a good workaround?
9:00 ACT NOW!
9:55 What does it mean, "commercial resolution" of an audit?

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