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Microsoft multi-year volume licensing agreements explained:
► Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription
► Microsoft Customer Agreement (CSP)
► Open Value


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00:00:00 Welcome and disclaimer
00:01:53 Volume Licensing Agreements, Software Assurance, License lifetime
00:04:53 Definitions: Affiliate, Qualified Desktop, Qualified User
00:10:19 Classification of Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreements
00:13:19 Minimal requirements to sign a Microsoft Licensing Agreement
00:20:03 What is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?
00:22:38 What documents are there in an Enterprise Agreement?
00:28:13 Types of Enrollments in a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
00:33:35 Enterprise Agreement vs Enterprise Agreement Subscription
00:38:17 Predefined levels of discounts in Microsoft Enterprise Agreements
00:42:23 What are the minimum order requirements in an Enterprise Agreement?
00:52:28 How to pay for licenses in an Enterprise Enrollment
01:03:43 How to pay for services in an Enterprise Enrollment
01:07:28 How to calculate True-Up costs? What must you pay at a true-up?
01:11:06 How to pay for products and services in a Subscription Enrollment
01:14:57 How Server and Cloud Enrollment works
01:19:23 Minimum requirements for a Server and Cloud Enrollment
01:22:31 What are the price/discount levels in a Server and Cloud Enrollment
01:24:38 What happens when an Enrollment expires?
01:26:46 Why extending an Enterprise Agreement is a bad idea
01:27:42 You can buy out subscription licences and make them perpetual
01:29:23 What are the Audit clauses in an Enterprise Agreement
01:32:36 What rights apply to your licences? Microsoft changes them all the time
01:36:08 Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, License Transfers
01:38:03 Choose your "Enrolled Affiliates" wisely! This is why
01:39:08 An easy recipe to WASTE your money
01:42:35 Microsoft Customer Agreement (CSP)
01:46:08 The most significant change ever in Microsoft Licensing
01:50:07 Microsoft Products and Services Agreement MPSA
01:52:13 Discounts in MPSA
01:53:58 Open Value is an Enterprise Agreement for small businesses

We cover core licensing principles, common mistakes, contracts, renewals, negotiations, audits.

The core aim of this course is to explain the principles of Microsoft Licensing, to give you a foundation, a playbook of Microsoft License Management, after which you'll be able to comfortably navigate one of the most complex licensing models and progress in a career of a License Manager, Vendor Manager, Procurement Specialist.

Other parts:

► Microsoft Licensing Basics, Models, Fundamentals
► Microsoft Cloud licensing: Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure
► Microsoft Desktop licensing (laptops etc.): on-premise, work from home, BYOD
► Microsoft Datacentre licensing (servers): on-premise, outsourced, Azure
► Microsoft Audit Readiness measures and Audit Defence: a survival guide
► Microsoft Negotiations: Vendor Management playbook
► Microsoft tools for Development and Test (MSDN): licensing explained

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