SAMexpert Microsoft Licensing Experts
Microsoft Visual Studio and other developer tools and licences. Most common, and potentially quite costly MSDN licensing pitfalls. Understanding of which may be crucial for cost avoidance and optimisation.


00:00 We are talking about MSDN licensing pitfalls
00:20 Free Microsoft license management training announcement
02:22 How Microsoft development licensing works
04:36 Do you only need licences for you Visual Studio users?
06:47 What about developers that do not use Visual Studio?
08:55 What about system administrators that deploy and support software?
11:00 Are subscriptions required for User Acceptance Testing?
12:00 Azure DevOps server is a PRODUCTION workload!
16:06 System Center Configuration Manager and Operation Manager issues
19:48 Visual Studio Community is not free for all!
23:15 Wrapping up

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