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00:00:00 Welcome to the Microsoft License Management Training Part 5
00:00:29 Windows Server Licensing introduction
00:04:49 Permitted downgrades and down-edition of Windows Server
00:06:49 Windows Server licensing model
00:07:37 The history of processor metric
00:11:05 How to calculate and buy Windows Server core license requirements
00:17:19 What is a virtual machine, Physical OSE, Virtual OSE
00:19:04 How to license Windows Server virtual machines and containers
00:30:53 How to license Windows Server in VMware clusters, Hyper-V clusters
00:35:39 Windows Server Client Access License, CAL
00:41:47 Windows Server Essentials
00:43:02 Windows Server Azure Hybrid Benefit
00:47:34 Licensing Windows Server CAL in Azure
00:49:00 Windows Server in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba
00:50:24 Windows Server in third-party providers (SPLA)
00:53:30 Licenses you can buy instead of Windows Server CAL
00:55:19 Software Assurance and Windows Server
00:59:19 Windows Server in CSP
01:03:22 System Center licensing introduction
01:07:47 System Center Client Management Licenses
01:10:06 System Center Server Management Licenses
01:20:11 System Center licensing in VMware and Hyper-V clusters
01:20:47 System Center in Azure
01:24:09 System Center in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba
01:25:31 Software Assurance and System Center
01:27:00 System Center in CSP
01:29:34 Licensing Core Infrastructure Suite
01:31:31 Is Azure Hybrid Benefit available for Core Infrastructure Suite?
01:32:54 SQL Server Licensing introduction
01:37:15 Permitted downgrades and down-edition of SQL Server
01:38:39 SQL Server Client Access Licenses (CAL)
01:43:31 How many instances of SQL may be run under one license?
01:50:55 How to calculate SQL Server license requirements?
01:54:24 SQL Server licensing in VMware and Hyper-V clusters
01:56:01 Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server
01:56:39 SQL Failover - free instances for DR and High Availability
02:00:19 SQL Server licensing requirements in Azure
02:04:03 SQL Server in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba
02:05:04 SQL Server in third-party providers (SPLA)
02:07:04 Software Assurance benefits for SQL Server
02:08:59 SQL Server in CSP
02:09:19 SQL Server Unlimited Virtualisation, does it make sense?
02:14:12 Licensing Microsoft Office Servers
02:14:39 Licensing Microsoft Exchange Server
02:20:28 Licensing SharePoint Server
02:23:19 Licensing Skype for Business Server
02:26:24 Licensing Microsoft Project Server
02:28:40 Exchange, SharePoint, Skype in VMware and Hyper-V clusters
02:29:12 Using Microsoft Office Servers in third party providers
02:29:43 Software Assurance for Microsoft Office Servers

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