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Are you a graduate, and your dream is to start a career in ITAM, SAM, Licensing? Here are a few free tips for you. Starting as someone with zero experience is a challenging task in any industry. But if you're crazy enough to be keen to work in one of the most mentally tough niches of IT, here's the good news: there's a severe lack of both talent and fresh blood.

Follow these free tips and apply as a Data Analyst apprentice. The brutal truth is, nobody would expect you to be a consultant at your age, and you will need to pave yourself a way to become one. Data Analysts is the best path and the most effortless entry. And please don't underestimate DAs' role in the process. We, consultants, thrive when we have good DAs and suffer without one.

All the training materials to become an appealing candidate for an apprentice DA you can find online for free.

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