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Licensing NON-PRODUCTION virtual machines (Microsoft Licensing)

There is an issue with interpreting Microsoft Licensing rules for non-production virtual machines. Those that are used by your IT people for DevOps and testing.

What if they are deployed in the same cluster with production virtual machines? Does it create a licensing issue. Is it compliant? Is it expensive to do so?

It's not that simple, and open to interpretation. However, please let me help you avoid the confusion and clarify the rules.

What is a Production Environment, in the first place? Let's dive in!

0:00 Using non-production virtual machines in production clusters
0:33 The story began many years ago
1:33 What happened in October 2014
1:57 What is the definition of a Production Environment
2:36 Let's get to the drawing board
4:17 What is my opinion on the rules of mixing production and non-production
5:20 What to do if you or someone else disagrees with this interpretation
5:45 What I advise to do to avoid this issue entirely

If you prefer reading, here's an article I wrote on the subject:

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