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Avoiding doubling licenses during migration

Can you avoid doubling licensing requirements during migration:
- when you upgrade your infrastructure on-premises,
- or when you migrate applications to Azure?

Here are a few tips and tricks, and a bit of advice.

0:00 What is dual running
1:00 Does Microsoft allow dual running during migration?
2:00 Reducing the cost of the initial stage of migration
3:10 The least expensive ways to license migration
3:30 Can you circumvent, and work around the licensing rules?
5:00 Microsoft Enterprise Agreement true-up workaround won't work

❓ Would you like to check if you're getting a fair deal on Microsoft licenses and Cloud?
❓ Are you migrating to Azure and AWS and want to reduce costs?
❓ Is your agreement expiring soon?
❓ Are you being audited?

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