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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal - "The T-18 plan" blueprint

Microsoft is a sales organisation. They are professionals. Trained and prepared. And they have a plan. The "T-36" plan.

Sales activities begin right after you sign an Enterprise Agreement – the next day.

But you don't have to lose this battle. And we have a plan for you too.

0:00 We are talking today about Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal preparation
0:50 Who is Daryl Ullman, Negotiation Expert
2:00 Who is Alexander Golev, Microsoft Licensing Expert
3:00 Free Microsoft License Management training announcement
5:20 Sun Tzu, "The Art of War" - why this book is important
7:28 How does Microsoft prepare for YOUR Enterprise Agreement renewal
10:55 How much does Microsoft plan to increase your Enterprise Agreement by
12:30 What is happening around 18 months before the renewal
13:12 Why you need to control what information flows to Microsoft
14:20 Why your second true-up is a key true-up
15:20 It's easier to sell to the business than to Procurement or IT
16:28 What you need to do to match Microsoft's plan
19:12 The criticality of the 18 months milestone
21:35 When does negotiation really start? And why?
24:35 What do you start from 18 months before the renewal
26:40 What do you need to know about Microsoft's negotiation team
29:36 Be careful with what you tell Microsoft's technical consultants
31:07 Your License Reseller is a part of Microsoft's team, not your friend
32:10 What documents you need in your negotiations
36:20 Prepare a memo for your stakeholders and C-level (bosses)
38:44 If you have many outsourcers, start even earlier
41:00 One of the benefits of starting the process early
45:45 A few notes about Microsoft License Statement
47:40 What is your budget? What are the constraints?
50:50 What are your commercial alternatives?
52:10 What is Microsoft's up-sale target?
55:10 What are the benefits of starting technical preparation early
57:24 Technical optimisation ideas = before your renew
1:02:50 Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate
1:05:20 Be the leader of Microsoft negotiation
1:06:59 Will there be a stream on Microsoft licensing for beginners?

Alexander Golev and Daryl Ullman are sharing their knowledge and experience.


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