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Top tips to negotiate your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal-2021

Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal is upcoming.

You can cut its licensing costs significantly if you prepare for it and approach its renewal and discount negotiations in complete control.

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00:00 Countdown
00:30 Who is Daryl Ullman, and what does he know about negotiating with Microsoft
03:03 Who is Alexander Golev, and what is his expertise in Microsoft
04:03 Why negotiation is similar to a war battle
06:30 What is the game plan you, as a vendor manager, have to have
09:09 Why you must have a detailed understanding of your environment
10:00 What is BATNA, and why is it always used by professional negotiators
13:00 Why you should not be afraid of Microsoft and negotiate
14:00 What drives your Microsoft account manager
15:00 What research do you need to do about Microsoft's team
16:25 How small do you have to be to have no chance to negotiate with Microsoft?
17:33 When your size matters, and why it is relative
21:07 What sources of information Microsoft has inside your company
21:54 What are Microsoft account managers afraid of
23:15 What are the top 6 mistakes to avoid when negotiating with Microsoft
23:45 Should you be intimidated by Enterprise Agreement Renewal deadline?
26:30 Why it is essential to read the contracts yourself before negotiations
27:15 Microsoft will try to go over your head, how to deal with it?
28:30 How an unprepared C-level stakeholder can ruin negotiations
29:38 The best advice to a C-level stakeholder if Microsoft reach out directly
30:20 Why your LSP is not your friend, even if it has the best intentions
31:36 What leverage do you have to get your LSP on your side
32:43 What is the T-18 plan Microsoft has for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewals
33:15 How not to let Microsoft take the lead in the negotiation
34:20 Your data is leaking to Microsoft; how to stop that?
36:17 Why your technical people must be vigilant about what they discuss with Microsoft
38:00 Microsoft is an American company; why is it important in the negotiation?
40:00 Do Europeans and Americans approach discounts differently?
42:00 Who is a shadow negotiator? Who is pulling the strings?
43:06 Who are empowerment holders, and what is their role?
44:15 Why you should put yourself in Microsoft's shoes to win the negotiation
45:30 The biggest mistake is not to get everything in writing
48:17 Why it is important to keep all the contractual documentation in a safe place
49:25 How many customers have their agreements ready for review
50:10 Enterprise Agreement gives you free licences, and you don't know about it
51:55 How a customer overlooked a critical condition in the negotiated terms
53:35 When is Microsoft's most important quarter, and why it matters
54:50 What is an early renewal, and how you can use it to your advantage
57:30 Your negotiation is unique, every time, find your leverage point
58:20 Watch out for dirty tricks like price manipulations
1:00:15 What are the discounts available today?
1:03:28 How to buy Daryl's book "Negotiating with Microsoft."

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