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Crossing the Communication Gap in Negotiations

The top reason your negotiations can fail or end up with a bad result is a failure to communicate.

In this 90-minute packed live session, Daryl Ullman, author of "Negotiating with Microsoft", shared his secret ingredients on how to cross the communication gap even in the most difficult of negotiations and succeed.

This is not only valuable in Microsoft negotiations when you are negotiating with Microsoft. Dealing with any software vendors is an art in itself. And one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome is the communication gap. Crossing this gap is one of the critical negotiation skills and negotiation techniques.


– How to prepare for your Microsoft licensing negotiations:


0:00 The topic of today is Crossing the Communications gap
2:11 Who is Daryl Ullman
5:30 Who is Alexander Golev, and what is SAMexpert
6:41 What are we going to cover today
8:15 What is rapport? How do you build rapport?
12:50 What is physical mirroring?
16:00 Should you be mirroring negative body language?
17:45 What is verbal mirroring?
24:30 Let's flip sides and imagine us negotiating with Microsoft
28:55 One of the techniques Microsoft uses in audit negotiations
30:14 Labelling is about creating empathy
35:15 How to use Labelling?
40:52 How long can you keep on mirroring for?
42:33 When you're dealing with a Microsoft sales representative...
46:12 Six critical active listening skills
49:30 Taking notes with a physical notebook
51:40 Negotiating via a web conference or a Zoom call
54:40 Cultural context plays a significant role in negotiations
57:30 How to use these strategies on the phone, not video
1:00:19 What are open-ended questions? Why are they important?
1:01:50 Why don't we ask open-ended questions?
1:03:00 Examples of Open-ended questions
1:06:23 Would it be better to start with close-ended questions?
1:07:50 Using silence as part of your negotiation technique
1:09:49 Silence in long-term negotiations
1:13:25 Who gets Daryl's book today?
1:16:55 Is the Microsoft training free?

Are you preparing for a negotiation with Microsoft? Is your agreement coming to an end?
We'll help you get the most out of your subsequent agreement with zero BS and zero waste.
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