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Microsoft Audit Readiness measures and Audit Defence: a survival guide
► Reacting to an audit letter
► Can Microsoft audit you?
► What are the penalties?
► How are the penalties calculated?
► Addressing legal and confidentiality issues
► Clarifying the audit scope
► Building your team
► Collecting the data
► Verifying the report
► Pushing back
► Going to the negotiation room with Microsoft
► To pay or not to pay the penalties?

► Support our mission:

0:00 Welcome
14:30 What is a Microsoft compliance audit?
17:18 Can Microsoft audit you? What is the legal basis?
19:50 What is an audit, and what is not an audit?
23:37 What are the risks of a compliance audit?
26:59 Can you stop an audit from happening?
28:40 What time constraints are legal, and what constraints you may ignore
31:00 What are the audit penalties?
36:50 What are the confidentiality concerns? Will Microsoft see your data?
41:45 Why do Microsoft audits go wrong?
1:00:52 Mitigation measures. Audit defence and audit readiness.
1:03:24 What to do when you receive a notice letter
1:07:50 What happens when the audit starts
1:11:03 The data gathered during the audit
1:19:45 What you should do when you receive the report
1:24:10 What happens between the report and the payment of penalties
1:32:00 Why auditors don't care about your ITAM tool reports

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Watch past sessions:

► Microsoft Licensing Basics, Models, Fundamentals
► Microsoft multi-year agreements explained: Enterprise Agreement, MCA (CSP), MPSA, OVS
► Microsoft Cloud licensing: Microsoft 365, Office 365, Windows 365, Azure
► Microsoft Desktop licensing (laptops etc.): on-premise, work from home, BYOD
► Microsoft Datacentre licensing (servers): on-premise, outsourced, Azure

Next sessions (little adjustments may be made depending on your feedback):

► Microsoft Negotiations: Vendor Management playbook
► Microsoft tools for Development and Test (MSDN): licensing explained

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