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Organisations pay MILLIONS in Microsoft licensing AUDIT fees because they fail to understand the difference between USERS and DEVICES. Suppose software like Microsoft Project, which requires a licence per each client device regardless of where and how it is deployed, runs on a Citrix server. In that case, employees can access it from any device if access is controlled with Active Directory security groups. One user can use an iPad, a phone, a laptop, a home PC, a partner's Mac, any device. So each POTENTIAL ("authorised") device has to have a licence.

I'll tell you two guaranteed ways to sort this out and one reasonable way but not a straight guarantee.

DISCLAIMER: I mention AppSense, which is now a part of Ivanti. My knowledge of the product may be a little rusty because the last time I checked its configuration was about 3 years ago. Things may have changed since. This product used to be recommended, even endorsed, by Microsoft, but at some point, Microsoft stopped recommending it. In my SAM career, I have seen it adequately configured to control per-device access only ONCE. The mistake many companies make is to buy AppSense licences that still govern access per user. It is a multi-purpose product, but if you purchase it to mitigate your potential audit risks, then do it properly and configure it, so it whitelists authorised DEVICES.

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