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What is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement? You may be a software procurement manager with Microsoft in your list of license vendors to manage. Do you want to know how does Microsoft Enterprise Agreement work?

It may also be that you are overwhelmed with all the Microsoft licensing lingo: true-up, renewal, enterprise agreement, software assurance, platform commitment, extended support.

But even if you are not in this situation, I hope you may still benefit from a few practical, no-fluff explanations of the core principles, the basics of a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.


🔶What is a True-Up Cost?
🔶Training – Microsoft Agreements
🔶Training – Microsoft Basics
🔶EA vs CSP – Are you ready to switch?


0:00 What is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?
1:35 Three main commercial features of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
2:33 Three main licensing features of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
4:21 What is a Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement?
5:04 Renewing a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
7:36 Is Enterprise agreement a good option for you?

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