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REDUCE COSTS of your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal

Substantial savings in a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement licensing renewal are achieved when you get rid of the licences you do not need or won't need soon. You may have heard the term "shelfware" – this is it.

That said, you should always consider Azure migrations because Azure Hybrid Benefits offer substantial strategic discounts that are very easy to realise.

So you may want to keep paying for some of those server licences through your EA to benefit from the Azure Hybrid Benefit.

You may still require the licences themselves, but there may be no need for Software Assurance (maintenance and support).

Be careful, though and do not cancel SA before you analyse what benefits you may lose – this can be detrimental. Ask a Microsoft Licensing expert first.

And the cherry on the pie is collateral savings from all these exercises – electricity, hardware support etc. – maybe even higher than the Microsoft licensing cost reduction.

So, here are some actionable items with examples of cost reduction


🟢 5 Cost-saving ideas for Microsoft Cloud and Licensing in 2022:
🟢 What is a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement:
🟢 What is Microsoft CSP:


00:00 Do not pay for licences that you do not need
00:42 Recommended plan of action
02:16 Example - Microsoft Project and Visio
03:50 How we saved on the Project and Visio renewal
04:31 Example - Microsoft server licences
04:54 What was found in the assessment
05:33 Why you must take Azure into account
06:53 How we saved on the server licences renewal
07:53 Do not forget about the 3rd year true-up savings
08:36 Collateral savings we DID NOT IMAGINE

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