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Are you a Services Provider? Do you have a Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft? Let's talk about common pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

Why should you care? $500,000,000 reasons. This is about how much we have protected in total in several SPLA Audit Defence exercises.

But how and why did those providers get into such a situation in the first place? This, and how not to repeat their mistakes, is what we're talking about.

Presented by Alexander Golev and Daryl Ullman, partners in SAMexpert.


🟡 Migrating Microsoft Licenses to the Cloud at minimal cost and risk
🟡 Microsoft License Management
🟡 Microsoft Negotiations: getting the best deal possible
🟡 What are the main frustrations in Microsoft SPLA business
🟡 Your contractual obligations in SPLA
🟡 How can you indemnify, protect yourselves from non-compliance claims
🟡 The rules of BYOL, or how end-customers may bring their own licenses
🟡 Using volume licenses for hosting instead of SPLA
🟡 Your compliance obligations in SPLA (aside from the licenses)
🟡 Internal use of SPLA licences (by you)
🟡 The importance of knowing what services you provide
🟡 Inventory and reporting data
🟡 SPLA reporting tools and solutions
🟡 Top ways to maximise your SPLA ROI


Are you being audited?
Do you have doubts about your SPLA and CSP reporting?
How to protect you from end customers' non-compliance?

Find us here and let's look into that:


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Let's figure out a way to fix your licensing headaches the best way humanly possible, with zero BS and zero waste.

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