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SQL Server: FREE licenses for Failover

You probably have Microsoft SQL Server running in standby, failover, and disaster recovery modes. Did you know that under certain conditions, licenses for those are free?

It's one of those cases when knowledge of Microsoft Licensing can positively affect your overall IT costs.

For each licensed instance of Microsoft SQL Server with active Software Assurance, you can have up to two instances for free.

They must be truly passive. And the second instance may only be used, simplified, for cold standby.

Customers whom I helped optimise Microsoft SQL Server licensing save up to 25% of their SQL Server costs by utilising this, sometimes forgotten and overlooked, condition.

Do you make use of SQL Failover? Please let me know in the comments.


🟢 What is a license:


0:00 Avoid this mistake when you true up and renew a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
0:28 What is a passive instance of Microsoft SQL Server
0:55 Caveats and conditions
1:36 Do this today!
2:16 Additional free instance of SQL Server 2019 in Azure

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