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Assigning and reassigning licences ๐ŸŸข Licensing in VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix ๐ŸŸข License Mobility in Server Farms ๐ŸŸข 90-day rule ๐ŸŸข Where can you assign a license? ๐ŸŸข What if a server is broken? ๐ŸŸข What if a user is sick?

Clip 008 from the Microsoft License Management Training series.

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0:00 Why license assignment is utterly important
1:07 Where to assign licenses?
1:48 Where NOT to assign licenses?
2:23 When a license may be re-assigned more often than every 90 days?
3:00 What is virtualisation, host, cluster, virtual machine mobility?
3:43 What happens with licences in VMware, Hyper-V?
4:50 How to properly buy Microsoft licenses for VMware, Hyper-V?
5:30 Audience questions about virtual licensing
6:07 Does Microsoft stipulate how to assign licenses?

โ“ Is your agreement expiring soon?
โ“ Are you being audited?
โ“ Would you like to check if you're getting a fair deal on Microsoft licenses and Cloud?

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Please watch: "Avoiding doubling licenses during migration"